onsdag 11 maj 2011


Miljoner Döda - 76° 15’ S 113° 10’ Ö C52

Miljoner Dödas first tape on ON,MT! and their densest recording so far, sound wise. Thick slabs of scorched ice music. Completely ping pong delay free electronic synthesizer-and-feedback based Brötzmann style fire music, evoking lonely ice fortresses and empty space. It is evident that the worst of Växjö has added to their arsenal, because 76° 15’ S 113° 10’ Ö has a more plenteous and (hollowed) wallish sound than their more skeletal previous moves; not harsher, just more intense. Heavy 90’s vibe that at times drift into Aube-territory. Also, this tape contains the most deviant nuance in a track that is a more literal take on the suggested Alpha Centauri / Corwood Industries meltover universe.