onsdag 11 maj 2011


Miljoner Döda - 76° 15’ S 113° 10’ Ö C52

Miljoner Dödas first tape on ON,MT! and their densest recording so far, sound wise. Thick slabs of scorched ice music. Completely ping pong delay free electronic synthesizer-and-feedback based Brötzmann style fire music, evoking lonely ice fortresses and empty space. It is evident that the worst of Växjö has added to their arsenal, because 76° 15’ S 113° 10’ Ö has a more plenteous and (hollowed) wallish sound than their more skeletal previous moves; not harsher, just more intense. Heavy 90’s vibe that at times drift into Aube-territory. Also, this tape contains the most deviant nuance in a track that is a more literal take on the suggested Alpha Centauri / Corwood Industries meltover universe.


onsdag 25 augusti 2010


Super Jam - Welcome to Night City CD-r

Super Jam still runs into the darkness of mechanized mind alleys and through shafts of light that flickr overhead. Every step of the way leads further into the tumblr zone where tears in the rain reflect the lights of commerce into every chemically altered retina. Inside a solitude tube time moves at a pace more gentle to the frail nervous system of humanoids. Transcending the ego-boundary, Super Jam melds technology and id and becomes an uncontrolable mechaorganic entity, where calmness and anxiety share the inner space.


tisdag 29 juni 2010


Dour - Corruption C30

Sam Dour sits among other Michigan coarse sound men like Draheim and Raven Strain in spirit, but on a generally noisier level. This tape has tangents to 90's Macronympha, only without pics of busted up female junk on the cover... Sam wields the heavy buzz axe on this one, melding deadpan rumbles with sharp waves of harsh and long passages of static hum pierced through with hidden feedbacked mixer tones, burrowing deep within your cortex, resembling the warble you get on the inside of your mind when stress rises into the red zone. Barely there machinery, corruptive destruction and contemplative hands-off.


Super Jam - Dex User CDr

Super Jam is an attempt to reflect the synthesizer music of Brad Fiedel, the essence of science fiction and yuppie rock through a mix of laser fields and euphoric erase in order to soundtrack mental projections of the meditative and interpreting fabric of saturated sound and meandering memories. Heavily enveloping, rythmic and melodic through techniques of confusion and mutation.


Insect of Business - Peavey Standard CDr

Through the help of the Upper Layer HQ I am proud to present a reissue of Insect of Business' 12" Peavey Standard on Pensacola's Malibu/Bust label. Originally released in 2009, this recording has two very differing sides, where the first side is a long collage of snippets of commercials sped up and slowed down, synthesizer gargle, riffs, cartoon stupidity and schizophrenic confusion. Like a computer virus hooked into your mainframe, distorting all senses. Second track is a way mellow space travel fantasy where the Nautilus slowly drifts through the cosmos, organic cybersights in vakuum - could almost be the hungover nightmares of Steve Roach.


lördag 27 februari 2010


To order drop a line to fodahmania@gmail.com

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cd-rs $5
tapes $5
zine $2

upcoming releases will get priced soon


Coming up:

Upper Layer Cruisers - Mindtech: studies on the synthetic Cortex C30

Labanna Bly - Come With Me CS

Dour - Corruption CS

Currently available AND unavailable:


Upper Layer Snoozers - Ask For Directions C30
Recording of gregorian alien monks on the Pensacola beach replica in Contact wormhole destination who, after picking up transmissions of Enya and M.J. go bonkers by the bonfire lit to their annual christmas party. Seasonal greeting cards were sent by the Na'vi tribes as well as Macaulay Culkin & Home Alone film crew.


Who Said Its Easy vol 2 Zine
blind scribbles, pencil and pattern recognition


Super Hang-On - Lohan Beach Traveller CD-r reissue


Seaweed Mouth - s/t CD-r
100% confusion, members of bordet with malmö mongs


Drop Zone - Implosion Diamond CD-r
sci-fi electronics


BORDET - Human Body Future CD-r [SOLD OUT]
its sort of glowing beyond your mind
couldn't be more melted


BORDET - Forever Young CD-r [SOLD OUT]
super burnt wastoid boom


Sports Illustrated - Persborg Short Stories 1: Dirty, Tired and Negative CD-r
monotonous and piercing feedback tones


concrete wastelands and clanging fire


Super Hang-On - Lohan Beach Traveller CS [SOLD OUT]
underwater neon surf wail


Line Brawl - Blade Trilogy CS [SOLD OUT]

electronic retardation
electronic retardation
electronic retardation


BORDET - 2 Close 4 Comfort CD-r [SOLD OUT]

tough goop, torching and rubbery


Oubliette - Eugénie De Franval CD-r

decadent barn yard noise from mf'n georgia


Nuslux - Folköl CD-r

finnish homebuilt electronic spazz unit


Worn Claws - Winter Phlegm CD-r

harsh as cold winter whining, keeping your sinuses pumped